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Donna Geffken, Founder

I grew up in Soquel, a small town that had everything a kid could want: hills to explore, a library to read, a pool for summer fun, a store to spend nickels on candy, and a safe and connected community where we could ride our stingrays and play kick the can in the middle of the street. 

This is how my three older brothers, kids in the neighborhood, and I spent our summer days while my parents were working - and if a brother was busy, if all 3 were busy ... I would sit in my room and listen to my albums, read or type poetry on ... yes ... a typewriter. Exchange keyboard for typewriter and still all my favorite activities. 

I am grateful for that part of my childhood and because our world, our communities, have experienced change, sending a 6 year old a mile and a half to the store isn't as safe as it used to be. I have taken on the importance of keeping our kids engaged through enriching activities and offer support to those programs who feel similar.

I work for Santa Cruz City Schools as Program Coordinator for After School and have had the opportunities to build relationships and develop enrichment ideas: creating art, biking, drumming, swimming... to name a few. The possibilities are endless and through these activities we can help students learn, build a connection to their community and develop healthy relationships with others. 

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