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Leo's parents came to California, a decision that required perseverance.

Leo stood out in school as hard working, and a person with positive values. Stepping through life as his parents did - “whatever life gives me I will do my best”.


He is now in his 4th year at a private school on a grant; he plays the cello, participates in community events and helps his family and younger brothers.


What difference has this made for Leo? He started in after school in first grade where his potential was realized in academia, music, and the ability to connect with others. Leo is well spoken and he will tell you, it was hard to leave friends. He realizes the education he has been given is an opportunity. With a wide circle, his life can serve as an example to others


Clara has not seen dad in over a year. She will tell you the exact day they had last spoken. Clara lives with Mom and extended family and attends after school while her family is at work. She is incredibly smart, spirited, vivacious, and dances through life needing extra support.


In addition to homework support, we ask how can we support this sweet student in after school. Clara will tell you it is a fun and caring place. As she gets ready to move on to middle school and high school, time in after school will guide her to what activities are possible as well as provide her with support in building healthy relationships.

Steven's mom left, Dad is now a single parent, the sole provider, working a 10 hour day with commute. Dad will tell you he is trying the best he knows how. However, as Steven gets older, his needs shift - life gets more complicated: the social impact of friends, how to deal with different people and varying environments that can only come with experience. Steven is in after school.


He receives support for school work, music for enrichment, sport activities, and socio-emotional growth. Teachers connect with Dad when needed.


A whole new team has Steven’s back.

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